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Why We Do What We Do

RelivMedia was built with the intention of helping those in NEED.

Those that NEED help reconnecting with their youth.

Those that NEED help when their memory has begun to fail them due to aging.

And...those that NEED help with their loved one who is battling a debilitating disease that affects memory.

Why We Donate to The Cure Alzheimer's Fund

For many years, Alzheimer’s disease research was completely stifled by a lack of funding. Pharmaceutical companies were too wary of past failures to fund any new drug development. The drug pipeline was coming up dry, and researchers weren’t encouraged to think big or bold.

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund has changed that.

Since its founding, CureAlz has contributed more than $90,000,000 to research, and its funded initiatives have been responsible for several key breakthroughs.

10% of all net profits from the sale of any of our products is donated to this amazing organization.